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Nicole Kindred
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Hello and welcome to the Kimberly Elementary Art Page!

My name is Nicole Kindred, I am the Art teacher for grades 1-5 at Kimberly Elementary school.  

Here in the art room students are encouraged to be their best creative selves and to use a variety of media and mediums to recreate master art works as well as their own originals.  In Elementary art we build art skills from the ground up.  In first grade students will learn how to use materials properly, the color wheel. warm and cool colors, color mixing theory as well as shape and form. From there we build on the basics with more indepth study and learned skills through grade 5. 

I am a firm believer in grading based on "Art'-itude" and Effort not Skill Level.  We will keep most of the artwork here in class either until completion for larger pieces or until the end of the quarter.  I will send artwork folders home at the end of each quarter when grades come out for students to share with family and friends. 

Also, I will collect pieces from students to be displayed at the Twin Falls County Fair each year so make sure to check out your students work there too.

The art curriculum is based on the elements of art and principles of design.  Students will learn through exposure to Master Artists and art from many cultures.  Students will use a variety of art media to create their own works of art as part of the learning process.

We will also be having "Art-Shows" through out the School Year showcasing  your students Artwork

I am excited to teach your student all about art this year! 

Thank you for sharing your student with me!