Mrs. Ward | Kimberly

Vera-Ellen Ward
(208) 423-4170

Exploratory Science for 4th and 5th Grade

Literacy for grades 1-3.

Mr. Hopple from the Twin Falls Canal Company will be coming to Kimberly Elementary the week of February 8 to give presentations to grades 2-5.

We are in need of some supplies. If you have extras at home and would like to donate we would really appreciate it. They are quart size bags, 4 pack food coloring, apple juice, tea, Tums, Alka Seltzer, large craft sticks, small craft sticks, 9” balloons, AA Batteries, Duct tape, lemon juice, grape juice, orange juice, Pine Sol or other cleaning liquid, clothes pins, hot sauce packets, tomato paste, vinegar, pennies, clear solo cups, baking soda, modeling clay, fishing line, 3 oz. paper cups, blind folds, stop watches, small mirrors, and cotton swabs.