Ms. Rodabaugh | Kimberly

Katrina Rodabaugh
(208) 423-4170

Welcome to Room #151.  Here you will find a traveler’s oasis filled with guidebooks, supplies, recreation opportunities, and much more.  A wide range of travelers from novice to experienced come and go.  There is a sense that all are welcomed and encouraged to stop by.   Once inside you are likely to encounter one of the knowledgeable staff bustling around eagerly helping all who enter.  Fellow travelers can be found gathered in small groups collaborating, conversing, and enjoying each others company or possibly with their nose in a book, lost in independent thought or simply enjoying the ado around them.

My name is Katrina Rodabaugh and a destination merchant I am not.  I am a fellow traveler who has the amazing opportunity to assist other travelers and help guide them as their paths bring them through Kimberly High School.  I help clear debris that litters the path thus allowing other travelers less restricted access. I assist in exploring destinations and anticipating up coming forks and obstacles on the horizon.  I also provide support to weary, lost, and burdened travelers, offering shelter to those seeking safe harbor and a place to recharge from navigating the ever changing emotional and physical environment of high school.