Senior Project Requirements | Kimberly


Purpose: The State of Idaho’s graduation requirements include successful completion of a senior project. In the Kimberly School District that specifically means all students who receive a diploma from Kimberly High School will successfully complete a written report, an oral presentation, and some form of community experience. Community experience can be an internship, job shadow, community service; each a minimum of ten hours.

Goals: Each student will create a high-quality project that combines focused research and real-world experience, resulting in a written report and an oral presentation that applies rigor and relevancy to a research topic of the student’s choice.

Important Dates:

  • January 31-February 1  Senior Interviews for Projects
  • February 9-12  Proposals will be due
  • February 22-23  Secure Mentors
  • February 27-28  Display Boards presented at Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 19  STEM Fair
  • May 3-4  Reflections Due
  • May 15  Senior Final Presentation to a panel of adult judges
  • May 16  Make Up of Senior Final Presentation

Jackson Randall and Kevin Fitzgerald ~ Senior Display Board of project.
Seniors on Adult Panel of judging Day in May.
Senior Project: Tayson Jensen with Huddling with the Hurdlers Project.

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