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Welcome to Kimberly Middle School! 

There are many great things happening at our school and it starts with our students and staff.  As a middle school educator for the past 17 years and having 3 children of my own, I know that middle school can bring some nervous energy and anxiety to your child and your home.  The teachers and support staff at Kimberly Middle School are welcoming and want nothing but the best for your student. With your support and assistance, we will help your child grow and develop to their fullest potential while they are here at KMS.    

I value parent input so don't hesitate to call or email as soon as you develop a concern.  Not only are we here to educate your child, it is also our role to offer support to parents.  A strong parent-school connection will strengthen relationships and provide the best environment for students. 

I look forward to renewing friendships and building new ones throughout the school year.   

Matt Schvaneveldt

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Vice Principal

There have been some changes at Kimberly Middle School, and I am very excited to be a part of the change and begin acting as the vice principal at KMS for the 2017-2018 school year! I will also be continuing to teach in new grade levels, teaching some of our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in 7th grade math and pre-algebra. While it will be a busy year, taking on these new roles is inspiring to me! I look forward to working with students in math, and continuing to bring my passion for my favorite content area within new grade levels. And, I am looking forward to filling my new role as the vice principal for KMS. This new role will allow me to be a part of the life of every student at our school, and work with Mr. Schvaneveldt and the entire staff to continue making KMS the very best middle school!

I will be teaching math in the morning in room 605, and then I will be in my office within the KMS office in the afternoon. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Together we are going to have a great year! Thank you for everything you do to help us make Kimberly Middle School a success!

Mrs. Ahern

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What’s Happening at KMS!

Hello!  I am Karen Hall, Kimberly Middle School counselor.  I love love love my job!  Let me tell you some random and not-so-random facts about myself.

  1. This is my forth year as KMS counselor.
  2. I love attending rodeos and my favorite time of year is the first part of December when the National Finals Rodeo is on TV (and it is better if I am there in person)!
  3. I graduated from Idaho State University (undergraduate) and Northwest Nazarene University (graduate).
  4. I spent twenty years in education as a secondary science teacher prior to becoming a school counselor.
  5. Did I mention I LOVE my job?
  6. During fair week you are likely to find me behind the beef barn, helping my kids wash their steers.
  7. I love to cook!
  8. I have a passion for helping students explore career goals.  Research shows that middle school is the best time to begin career development with students.
  9. I have three children, two of which are in Kimberly schools. I also have a mini-dachshund  cross named Tibby who is sometimes a little naughty.
  10. I think ALL of your kids are fabulous!

In addition, I visit classrooms to teach guidance lessons that involve peer relationships, goal setting, and academic success among other topics.  So, enough about me.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns about your students’ academic, personal/social, or career development needs.


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Welcome to the front office. 


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Hello everyone! I am so excited to be the librarian here at Kimberly Middle School. My goal is to help any patron, student or staff, find resources that will help with their endeavors. Reading is my number one passion because I believe that we learn and grow from what we experience through both visually and auditorily. My vision for the library is to incorporate new fiction and non-fiction materials that present information in a current way. So, I am purchasing new fiction, biography, informational text, Spanish books, audibles, etc. Look for my recommendations in the weekly newsletters that are sent to parents, or see what the new releases are on the library's webpage under students resources.