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Kimberly Middle School

525  Center St. W. Kimberly, ID 83341 Telephone: 423-4170 ext 3207
Karen Hall – Counselor Matt Schvanevaldt - Principal Valoy Rands - Secretary
Mascot – Bulldog School Colors: Red, White, Black


Educating students for the needs and challenges of today and tomorrow focusing on high academic achievement and strong character.


“Mutual Respect, Mutual Responsibility”

Attention Students!

In order for you to be successful at Kimberly Middle School, you will need to do three (3) things:

  1. Show Up
  2. Hand in quality work on time
  3. Treat yourself and others with respect

Don't make life more difficult than it seems!


The first year a student earns ALL A's in all subject areas at the end of every grading period, he/she will receive a bronze medallion; second year, a silver medallion; and third year, a gold medallion.


Academic honesty and personal integrity are fundamental components of a student’s educational experience.

Definition of Academic Dishonesty (Cheating): Presenting, as your own work, material that is not a true or valid representation of your own ideas or helping others to do the same.

Some forms of dishonesty are:

  • collaborating on an assignment (without teacher permission)
  • using written material on a test without the teacher permission
  • copying another person's work/homework
  • copying from a published work
  • knowingly allowing others to copy your work

Determination of Academic Dishonesty:

Any staff member who has reason to suspect that a student has participated in academic dishonesty will follow the steps outlined below:

  • meet with the student(s) involved, provide evidence of suspected academic dishonesty, discuss the matter and determine whether it has actually occurred
  • if there is sufficient evidence of academic dishonesty, student/s and teacher will meet with the principal. The goal of this meeting will be to discuss strategies to help the student make better academic choices in the future.

Consequences of Academic Dishonesty:

First offense: Parent contact; redo the assignment for half credit; and after-school detention.

Additional Offenses: Parent contact; redo the assignment for half credit; and referral to the principal for more serious disciplinary action.


All student accidents must be reported immediately to the office. The office will contact a parent/guardian for serious accidents. In cases of severe injury, school personnel may take the student to a medical facility or call 911 for emergency assistance. An accident report will be completed and kept on file.


The agenda book is required to be in the student's possession at all times at school except during lunch. The student's hall pass is located at the back of the agenda. Lost or destroyed agendas MUST be replaced by the student at a cost of $5.


To be academically eligible for athletics, a student must maintain a 2.0 GPA and have no more than two “F's” in any class at the end of the grading period prior to the beginning of the sport. Students not meeting these grade requirements will be placed on academic probationary periods of two weeks at which time the academic contract will be reviewed. Incoming 6th graders are exempt from this rule. To participate in athletic programs, a student must have a current physical on file signed by a licensed physician. All physicals are good for two years from the date of the physical. Students must attend every class period the day of the activity in order to participate in extra-curricular activities on that day. Doctor appointments are accepted exemptions. Student athletes are required to pay a towel fee and purchase an activity card. Middle school students are not allowed to be high school managers.

If a student wants to leave the sporting event with his/her own parent, the parent will need to personally inform the coach. If a parent wants his/her student to be released to another person, then the parent will need come to the school office and sign a release form in front of school personnel.


Research has proven a direct correlation between school attendance and academic achievement. While parents/guardians are responsible for getting their child to school, the school has a responsibility to enforce the Idaho State Compulsory Statue (Law) requiring students between the ages of 7 - 16 to be in regular attendance at school. ALL absences, whether excused or not, count as an absence.

Verified Absence: The school is notified by parent and student attendance is marked with a “P”. (Parent verified)

Unverified Absence: The school is NOT notified by a parent/guardian and student attendance is marked with a “U” for unexcused.

Administrative Excused Absence-: Under special circumstances, the principal may allow for an administrative absence (E). These absences are still recorded as absences but do not count against the student for things where attendance is a determining factor (for example, incentive rewards, participating in an athletic event, etc.)

Tardy: Any arrival to school or a class up to ten minutes after the tardy bell is considered a tardy and then an absence after 10 minutes. After a student receives five (5) cumulative tardies, a 30-minute detention will be served for every tardy the remainder of the quarter. Each quarter the tardies start over again. When a student reports late to class because he/she was meeting with a staff member, the student should be given a pass from the staff member and the tardy will be removed from the student's record.

Truancy: A student is considered truant when he/she:

  • is absent from school without parent permission
  • leaves the school grounds without the knowledge and/or permission of an adult office staff member
  • all truancies will be reported to the principal for serious disciplinary action.

Attendance Concerns: After a student has accumulated ten (10) absences, a letter will be mailed home stating attendance concern.  If it is determined that there is not a legitimate excuse for the absences, the principal will meet with the student and make a parent contact.

After having fifteen (15) or more absences in the school year, a referral may be made to local law enforcement—our school resource officer and/or truancy court. Charges may be filed to uphold the enforcement of the Idaho State Compulsory Attendance Statute (law). Extenuating circumstances with sufficient documentation will be taken into consideration.


Students may carry their backpacks to and from school. Backpacks must be stored in the school lockers during the school day.


Good behavior in school is a necessary ingredient for maintaining a safe and orderly environment. Our school climate should reflect common sense and agreed upon principles of good character. While parents are the primary educators of character, we emphasize and model The Six Pillars of Character. They are:

  • Trustworthiness: Honesty, integrity, etc.
  • Respect: Treat others the way you want to be treated
  • Responsibility: Be accountable for the consequences of your choices
  • Fairness: Don’t take advantage of others
  • Caring: Be considerate, helpful and kind
  • Citizenship: Do your part to make our community a better place

The Refocus Plan: Classroom behavior problems will be handled using the refocus plan as follows:

  1. If the teacher observes inappropriate behavior in the classroom, he/she must ask the following questions:

    1. Is the behavior preventing me from teaching?

    2. Is the behavior preventing the student from learning?

    3. Is the behavior preventing other students from learning?

  2. If the teacher can answer “yes” to any one of those questions, “a prompt” or warning is given to the student and a refocus form is placed on the student's desk as a visual reminder.

  3. If the teacher observes any other inappropriate behavior from the student after the warning was given, the student will be asked to “refocus” by filling out a Refocus Form. The form gives the student a chance to think about why his/her behavior was inappropriate and develop a plan to get back on task in the classroom

Other behaviors that violate classroom rules (e.g. chewing gum, coming to class unprepared, etc.) do not fit into the refocus plan since they are not disrupting the learning process in the classroom. Therefore, these types of classroom rule violations will be handled by individual classroom teachers and/or team of teachers.

Refocus Plan Disciplinary Steps: If the student goes two weeks without getting a refocus, he/she has a blank slate. Refocuses will continue to be added until the student can go two weeks without getting a refocus.

Step 1 - On the second refocus within a two week period, a parent phone call will be made and a 30 minute detention with the teacher after school will be scheduled.

Step 2 - On the third refocus within a two week period, a parent phone call will be made; a 60 minute detention with the principal will be scheduled. In this detention the student will write a three paragraph essay reflecting on his/her behavior and will discuss it with the principal.

Step 3 - On the fourth refocus within a two week period, a parent/student meeting will be scheduled with the principal to create a behavior plan. The student will also be assigned a one day in-school suspension.

Step 4 - Each additional refocus given after the fourth, within a two week period, will result in a parent contact and a referral to the principal for more serious disciplinary action and possibly referral to the school resource officer.

Non-Compliance: If the student feels a refocus is unwarranted, he/she should not refuse to fill out the Behavior Log. Instead, the student should fill out the form as best he/she can and then politely ask the teacher for a scheduled time to discuss the situation.

The following are some examples of behaviors which will result in serious disciplinary actions up to and possibly including expulsion:

  • The possession of weapons
  • Vandalizing, damaging, and/or stealing school or private property
  • Being in possession of or using any illegal substance, tobacco, and related paraphernalia such as pipes, matches, lighters, etc.
  • Fighting and/or bullying
  • Disrespect and/or insubordination to school officials

Lost Privilege: Students who have a behavioral problem resulting in a suspension will lose the privilege of attending the next special event. If the special event is happening during the school day, other academic arrangements will be made for that student at school.

School Resource Officer: The Kimberly School District and the City of Kimberly work together to provide a full-time police officer to be utilized by the district as needed. This police officer is called our school resource officer. While most problem behaviors are dealt with at a building level, the following is a list of issues where our resource officer would likely be involved:

  • Habitual attendance concerns
  • Incorrigible behavior (a refusal to change inappropriate behavior)
  • Threats of violence
  • Fighting
  • Weapons
  • Vandalism
  • Drugs
  • All issues where a crime is believed to have been committed


Period 1 8:10-9:12
Period 2 9:15 – 10:12
Period 3 10:15 – 11:12
Period 4 12:10 – 1:06
Period 5 1:09 – 2:05
Period 6 2:08-3:05


Outside beverages are only allowed into the school when packed into their lunch. No energy drinks or outside drinks of any kind are allowed outside the lunchroom.


Riding a bus to and from K.M.S. is a service provided by the Kimberly School District and may be revoked for disorderly conduct or unacceptable behavior. Students shall be under the authority of, and directly responsible to, the driver of the bus. Students are assigned a bus based on their address. It is unacceptable to ride a bus that is not your assigned bus. Should you need further information or if you have a transportation problem, contact the Transportation Office at 423-4170 ext. 3306


  • Cell phones and Ipods MUST stay in lockers during school hours – which includes the lunch hour.
  • If students need to use a phone to contact a parent/guardian, they may ask the classroom teacher for permission to use the classroom phone. All calls home in case of illness will need to be made at the office.
  • Students may use their cell phone and Ipods OUTSIDE the school building after school.
  • During sporting events in the gym, students will be asked to go outside to use their cell phones.
  • If a student is using their cell phone /Ipod during school hours, it will be taken away from them and put in the office. The student may then sign for the phone/Ipod at the end of the school day. A second offense will result in a parent required to come sign for the phone from the office. A third offense, the student will no longer be allowed to bring the phone/Ipod to school.


K.M.S. operates as a “closed campus”. This means that students are required to remain on the school grounds from the time of arrival until school is dismissed. Any student leaving the school grounds, after arriving at school, must have obtained permission from office personnel prior to leaving campus.  The student may be considered truant if prior permission is not obtained.

CLOSING OF SCHOOL: KLIX (1310 AM); KTFI (1270 AM); KEZJ (96 FM); KMVT (Channel 11); KKVI

These announcements will be made by 6:30 am and will be sent out over the automated calling system.

Counseling Services

K.M.S. students enjoy the benefit of guidance counseling throughout the school year. Students may visit their school counselor when they feel the need by completing a “Help Form” or, in an emergency, by stopping in at the main office for assistance. A “Bully Buster” form may also be filled out and given to either the counselor or the principal.

Our counselor can assist students by assessing their strengths and limitations, helping them develop positive attitudes, guiding students toward making suitable decisions, assisting in solving personal problems, and helping in the discovery of talents and abilities. Parent permission is not required for a school counselor to speak with a student. However, if a school counselor feels the student could benefit from further individual/small group counseling, parent permission must be obtained.


For obvious reasons, firearms, explosives, smoke or fire- producing items, knives, or other weapons must NEVER be brought to school or on the bus. If a student wishes to use such an item for a class project or demonstration, he/she must obtain authorization from the principal prior to bringing the item to school. Violations of this policy will result in severe disciplinary action including referral to the police. Students who knowingly and/or voluntarily possess, handle, transmit or use an instrument that can be considered as a weapon may be suspended or expelled. In compliance with the “Gun Free Schools Act”, any student who brings a firearm to school will be recommended for expulsion from school for a period of not less than one year. If a student accidentally brings a dangerous item to school, he/she should immediately turn it into the principal.


For the complete Kimberly Dress Code Policy, see the Kimberly School District website ( Any student attire that is considered disruptive to the educational process will not be allowed. The standard of dress applies to ALL school-sponsored activities. Students are to observe the following:

  • No hat/cap is to be worn in the building (including sunglasses)
  • No obscene or inappropriate messages or artwork on clothing or jewelry
  • No exposed midriffs, or excessively “sagging” pants
  • No display of underwear (this includes bra straps)
  • No tobacco, alcohol, and controlled substance related advertisement
  • No gang-related attire
  • No bandannas or sweatbands
  • No spaghetti string blouses/dresses, tank tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops, half tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or tops with plunging necklines (no cleavage)
  • No transparent (see-through) clothes
  • No self-altered clothes (cut-off sleeves)
  • No pajamas, slippers, other sleepwear
  • Visible body piercing, magnetic/glued jewelry on the face, eyes, arms, hands, tongue or feet is also prohibited. (Earrings are allowed) Piercings in violation must be removed according to policy 3224R.
  • Spike, chains, wallet chains, studs, bolts, dog collars, needles, pins, sharp objects, or other jewelry deemed unsafe is not allowed at school
  • Skirts, shorts are asked to be a modest length (which is measured by standing and hanging your arms at your side and the shorts or skirt will be no shorter than your fingertips.)
  • No PDA (public display of affection). Keep your hands to yourself.


Every student must have an up-to-date emergency information sheet on file in the office. This sheet must be filled out at the time of registration. In case of illness or injury, it is vital for the school to have a current emergency number on file. When moving, changing address or phone number, inform the office immediately. It is important to put down the names individuals that might come to take your student out of school. If the name is not on the form, we will not allow the student to be taken without parent permission.


Students are required to ride on school transportation to any school-related functions. At the conclusion of the function, and if the parent is at the function, the parent may take their child with them after they have spoken to the school official in charge at the function and signed a release. There are no exceptions! Students are not allowed to leave the function with anyone but their own parent. The principal may grant an exception to this if the parent signs a written statement releasing the school of liability in front of the principal or designated individual 24 hours in advance of an event—this is highly discouraged.


Students will be assessed fines for such things as over-due library books, lost books, lost or damaged textbooks, etc.


Kimberly School District has a “zero tolerance” policy concerning any type of gang activity. This includes clothing, grooming, and other behavior associated with gang activity. Students who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary measures up to and including expulsion.


Students who earn a quarter grade point average of 3.0 – 4.0 and no F's or D's will be recognized as an honor student. A certificate will be given in recognition of this accomplishment.


Student use of the library is encouraged and promptness and cooperation in return of the materials is essential to the effective use of the books and materials. A 10 cent fine is assessed per day for overdue books. Lost, stolen, or damaged books are the financial responsibility of the student who checks them out. Students are allowed up to three books to be checked out. Students with a fine of $1 or more will only be allowed to check out one book. Students with a fine of $5 or more may not be allowed to check out any books until the fine is paid.

Students who have lost or destroyed books will not be allowed to check out any library material until they have taken care of their responsibility by paying to replace the destroyed or lost book. Restitution arrangements can be made with the principal if the student can't afford to pay.


Students do not trade or share lockers without permission from the office. Under no circumstances should a student give his/her combination to someone else. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Replacement for broken locks or locker doors from being mishandled will be charged to the student.

School lockers are the property of Kimberly Public School and are subject to inspection by authorized school personnel. At no time does the Kimberly School District relinquish its exclusive control of lockers provided for the convenience of students. Periodically, general inspections of lockers may be conducted by school authorities for any reason, at any time, without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.


Media coverage may be pursued for school events; therefore, students may be featured in the newspaper and television coverage. If you do not want your child photographed or identified in any way, please indicate your wishes at registration time on the registration form.


District policy prohibits schools from giving prescription medication to students except by written permission by the doctor who prescribed it. This permission form can be obtained from the office. The medication must be in its original container with the pharmaceutical label and the student’s name, drug, dosage, and time to be given. Students are not allowed to keep prescription or non-prescription medicine in their possession. All medicines are to be kept in the main office. The only exception is inhalers for students with asthma as long as the front office is given a parent or physician note. Any over-the-counter medication (in original container) will require written parent/guardian permission indicating the name of the medication and correct dosage, prior to being administered by school personnel. This medication is kept in the office.


Tennis shoes, shorts and a t-shirt (red, white, black or gray) are needed for P.E. Class. (Refer to dress code in agenda as it also applies to PE). Not all lockers in the dressing room have locks on them so it is recommended that the students provide their own lock to insure the safety of their belongings. The school is not responsible for valuables brought to school. Additional funds may be required for PE activities such as bowling and skiing. If this puts a financial hardship on the family, a parent may speak to the principal for arrangements to be made. Students are expected to participate in the activities unless a doctor's note is provided.


Report cards are handed out to parents during parent-teacher conferences which are twice a year (after 1st quarter and 2d quarter). For those grading periods that do not include scheduled parent-teacher conferences (3rd and 4th quarter), the report card is handed out to the students.

A = 90% - 100% B = 80% - 89% I= Incomplete (2 weeks to complete)
C = 70% - 79% D= 60% - 69%  
F = Under 60% P = Pass  
  • Class Credit: Only applies to 7th and 8th graders
    • Any student who receives a letter grade of “F” in a core class will not receive credit and will be enrolled in a credit recovery class and/or summer school if it is available.
  • Credit Recovery:
    • Students will be placed in a nine- week class in order to bring post- quarter grades up to passing level.
  • Citizenship Grade:
    • The grade given for citizenship reflects the student's progress in becoming a good citizen during class.  This grade does not affect a student's academic grade. The grades are as follows:  H- Honorable  S- Satisfactory  N-Needs Improvement  U – Unacceptable


If a student needs to use the restroom between classes, he/she needs to report or “check in” with the teacher of his/her next class and ask permission to use the restroom. The three minutes between classes is not intended for a restroom break but rather, is a passing time. Restrooms may be used during class with teacher permission and an authorized hall pass.


Sexual harassment is a violation of a person’s civil and constitutional rights and a criminal offense in Idaho.  Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination which violates Section 703 of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 as amended.  It is the policy of Kimberly Public School to maintain a learning and working environment that is free from sexual harassment.  The Kimberly Public School prohibits any form of sexual harassment.  It shall be a violation of this policy for any student or employee of Kimberly School District to harass a student or an employee through conduct or communication of a sexual nature as defined by this policy.  The school district will investigate all complaints, formal, or informal, verbal or written, of sexual harassment and discipline any student or employee who sexually harasses.

Victims of sexual harassment should not try to ignore it or assume it is a joke or an accident.  Victims should not blame themselves for another person's bad behavior. Victims should say “no” to the offender.  Make it clear that you do not approve of his/her actions and report the matter to the school principal.


K.M.S. schedules a few socials (dances) each year.  Socials are only for 7th and 8th graders; 6th graders are not allowed to attend since there is a significant developmental difference between 6th and 8th graders.  If any 7th or 8th grade student would like to invite a guest from another school, he/she must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Give name of the guest and his/her school name and grade to our school secretary by 3:30 pm the day before the social
  • Contact will be made to the school of your guest and confirm that the student is in good standing at his/her school
  • If the student is in good standing, the school secretary will give the K.M.S. student written permission for the guest to gain attendance.  This written permission, and a valid school picture activity card MUST be presented by the guest at the front door in order to gain admittance.

All students at the social (including guests) are subject to the rules of K.M.S.  STRICT ATTENTION WILL BE GIVEN TO THE K.M.S. DRESS CODE!!! If a student displays behavior deemed inappropriate enough to be removed from the social, he/she will be required to make a phone call to his/her parent from the front office.  The student will not be allowed to leave the school until the parent arrives to pick him/her up and will not be allowed to attend the next social.

Once a student enters the social, they are not allowed to leave the building until the social is over.  Any student wanting to leave more than 30 minutes early will need to call a parent from the front office and verify the parent’s approval with a staff member chaperoning the social.  All socials will begin at 7 pm and end at 9 pm 

STUDENT Leadership Team

The purpose of the Kimberly Middle School Leadership Team is to provide leadership and vision to improve our school responsibly by representing the student body through personal values and cooperative decision making. Its purpose is to educate its members in the dynamics of leadership, public service, and civic action. The Kimberly Middle School Student Leadership Team is a student-centered network through which student leaders representing Prime-Time classes, learn and serve, speak and act.

General Student Leadership Team consists of one representative from each Prime Time in grades 6-8. Membership to the General Leadership Team is open to application and nominations within the first two weeks of school. Membership criteria: a) 2.5 GPA;  b) A desire to be in a leadership position; c) Able to honor and promote the Pillars of Character.

Students who are interested in the Executive Student Leadership Team will need to have 1 year prior experience on the General Student Leadership Team. The General Student Leadership Team will select for the following year, two 8th grade students and two 7th grade students to be members. These selections will take place the last two weeks of school.


In-school and out-of-school suspensions will be assigned to students who have demonstrated a more serious behavior problem.  In-school suspension lasts until end of the school day.

Students out-of-school suspended must stay off of the school grounds during the specified duration of the suspension.  On the day the student returns to school, he/she MUST immediately report to the principal’s office. The principal will meet with the student and make sure he/she is ready to have a productive day of school.  All work missed during an out-of-school suspension may be made up.  The student has the responsibility to obtain any missing assignments and turn them in on time (allowed one day for every day out-of-school suspended).


The office phone is primarily meant to be used only by office staff members.  If a student is ill and would like to call home, he/she will need to ask an office staff member for permission to use the phone.   Students DO NOT use classroom phones to call home for illness.  Except in emergency situations, students will not be called out of the classroom to take a phone call.  Cell phones must remain in student's lockers and cannot be used during school hours.  AFTER school, they may be used outside the school building.


The K.M.S. School Board authorizes the use of video cameras on district property to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students, and visitors to district property and locations as deemed appropriate by the superintendent.  Students in violation of board policies, administrative regulations, building rules, or law shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Video recordings may become a part of a student’s educational record.  The district shall comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to record maintenance and retention.


All visitors must check in with the front office and pick up a Visitor’s Pass which is to be worn for the duration of the visit.  K.M.S. does not allow students not enrolled in K.M.S. to visit the school on any school day.


Students planning to withdraw from K.M.S. or transfer to another school or district need to begin the withdrawal process in the office.  All books and materials checked out to the student must be returned to the teacher or the library.  All fines must be paid prior to the student officially withdrawing.