Cause | Kimberly

The Penny War Is On!

Cristian Juarez (Junior), Tori Sievers (Senior), Colby Smith (Freshman), and Madison Guilory (Sophomore) gather around the Penny War file cabinet where students deposit their contributions.

In honor of Cause Week, Kimberly High School has hosted a competition between classes. In a file cabinet in the foyer, each class can place pennies in their designated drawer. However, any student can sabotage another class by adding nickles, dimes, quarters, and bills, all of which subtract points. So a dollar added to a drawer subtracts the points accumulated by a hundred pennies! 

Whether adding pennies to their own class drawer or quarters to another class's drawer, KHS students are giving to benefit others.

Each class has chosen a cause to focus on one day of the week. Freshman chose Suicide and Depression Awareness, represented by the color green on Tuesday. Sophomores chose Child Hunger, represented by blue on Wednesday. The Juniors chose Homelessness, represented by purple on Thursday. The Seniors chose the foster care system, represented by orange on Friday. Staff and students are encouraged to wear the color of the day as a reminder of each cause.

The class with the highest score based on the contents of their file drawer at the end of the week wins the competition and gets to donate the content of the entire file cabinet to their cause.