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Without Music Life Would B♭

Without Music Life Would  B

Some people see music as a frill, something nice but nonessential. Others see music as a vital part of life. At Kimberly High School, music fills classrooms and hallways, and dedicated music students are everywhere.   

Wednesday and Thursday, November 1 and 2, 2017, 20 KHS musicians joined students from 19 different schools from around the Magic Valley at the annual Honor Clinic at Roper Auditorium. Students attended in one of the three groups: Choir, Band, and Orchestra. 

For Choir Kimberly sent Eva Gutierrez, Madison Guillory, Faith Henry, Austin Flameling, Skyler Bollar, Jaden Chappell, Olivia Turner, Hailey Wagstaff, and Clayton Shaw. Madison Guillory said, "I loved it, it was like a different culture." She also stated that "It was amazing, the real deal."  

Band members attending were Isaias Baeza, Jasmine Baeza, Shay Black, Aiden Eiler, Hope Henry, Ellie Leppert, Lilly McNamar, Kaitlyn Ramirez, and Ethan Shaw. Aidan Eiler had referred to the clinic as "not that different seeing how I have experience." His favorite song to play was "March of the Belgium Paratroopers."  

Orchestra attendees were Hunter Demerly, and Grace Solomon.  

Students worked with guest directors for two days, honing their musical skills. The Clinic climaxed with a beautifully performed concert by each honor group. Kia Rodriguez stated, "100%, they were amazing!!" 

Kimberly High School was well represented by these excellent musicians. 

                                                                                                           Monique Rasmussen