Leadership | Kimberly

FFA Attend Leadership Conference

On Monday, February 5th, and Tuesday, February 6th, 18 members of the FFA attended a leadership conference known as 212/360 held at the Red Lion Hotel, in Pocatello, Idaho.

212/360 is a series of leadership workshops put on by the National FFA facilitators. During these workshops, students learned about different aspects and values of leadership, through hands on experiences. While these students were attending this conference, they also got to interact with members from other FFA chapters around the state. During this conference students were separated into two groups, the 212 group for first time attendees, and the 360 group for past experinced students.

The FFA president, Janessa Kluth said, "212 is the boiling point for water, and 360 is a whole circle. 212 helps light a fire underneath first-time attendees, and 360 helps the experienced members become well-rounded leaders." 

Returning to KHS, these leaders will help younger members of the Kimberly Chapter grow and develop, making a stronger, more productive organization.