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Murder at the Malt Shop

Thud! Principal Jerry Atrrick is dead! In the 1950s era play, Murder at the Malt Shop, someone has killed Principal Jerry Attrick. Sheriff Collin Allcars is leading the investigation to find the murderer.  

Murder at the Malt Shop is the fall production for the Kimberly Players. Emma Hyde directed this fall play for her senior project. The play was November 15-18 7:00 at the L.A. Thomas gym. Some of the main characters included Rex Ward as Sheriff Collin Allcars, Katia Randall as Hedda Fulla Eyre and Andrew Noh was Principal Jerry Attrick.  

 Lilly McNamar's senior project is the new class for theater, and it has helped set the stage. Lilly wants to teach kids the basics of theatre before they are thrown in. She feels passionate about theatre and wants to go into the field when she is older and that is where she got the idea. She and the other students helping love to get to know the kids and say it is easily their favorite part. The response they are getting is very positive because the kids love it so much.  

A major part of theatre is improv, it teaches a person how to react when someone forgets their line. During an improve game in beginning theatre the phrase "Human Flesh Nuggets" was coined. This phrase in now used as the call and response, an attention grabber, so when attention is needed someone will say "Human Flesh!" And the class responds with shouting "Nuggets!" very loudly. After that all students turn their attention to whoever said the first part to hear what needs to be said. 

Beginning theater has made the set for this play with the help of Gabe McDonald, Hailey Wagstaff, Josie McDonald and Mercedes Sweet. The students made the set design on paper, while Mercedes sketched it on slabs of wood for the beginning theater class to paint it in. The design was simple black and white checkerboard on the top half and a grey toned periwinkle on the bottom. Near the bottom were six golden records spread out, along with three guitars.  

 The play had a good turnout. According to Mr. Alverson approximately 266 people came to watch the play. During intermission the understudies hosted a hula hoop competition with the audience as the participants. Each night the winner of the competition got a small trophy and their name in the beginning of the second act.