Kayla Hutcheson

Kayla Hutcheson
Kayla Hutcheson

Welcome to Elementary PE!!!

My name is Kayla Hutcheson. I am the PE teacher here at Kimberly Elementary. This is my 6th year of teaching PE and my 9th year here in Kimberly. I believe I have the best job. I also coach Varsity softball, JV Girls basketball, and Freshmen Football at KHS. I am a High School graduate from Kimberly High School and College graduate from Walla Walla Community College and Boise State University. 

I believe that Physical Education needs to include physical activity along with a whole lot of fun. In our PE classes we start with a warm up activity that usually consists of some laps or some form running that will get our bodies warmed up. We then do some stretches that increase our flexibility and also decreases the chance of injury during our games. Stretching is then followed by pushups to increase our upper body strength and then situps or curlups to increase our core strength. The rest of the class period is spent learning skills and games that are designed to improve our overall physical health. 


Grading:Standard Base Grading

Specials Rubric for APE (Attitude/Performance/Effort) 


Always enthusiastic toward activities 


Selective enthusiasm toward activities 


Apathetic toward most activities 


Apathetic towards all activities 



Independently demonstrates an advanced understanding that exceeds grade-level standards working in depth at a higher-level  


Independently demonstrates a complete and consistent understanding while applying grade-level standards Demonstrates an inconsistent understanding of grade-level standards requiring some support  Demonstrates little understanding of grade-level standards requiring frequent support  

Highly motivated to complete tasks above and beyond required expectations 


Completes tasks according to expectations Demonstrates an inconsistent motivation to complete tasks when challenged  Demonstrates little motivation to complete tasks 

Distance Learning Information
Office Hours: Friday 11:30-12:00 and 1-1:30pm

We will be using Seesaw for the school year for our platform if needed.

 I will be logged in to the Microsoft Team App during these times for anyone that has questions or would just like to say Hi. Follow the link to access the meeting room. Kimberly Physical Education Meeting Room 
Code to Join if needed: xh2fyxp 

Can also be reached by email khutcheson@kimberly.edu  I will respond to emails any time I receive them.

The following information includes links to some awesome resources that can help to keep your student physically active.

Online Physical Education Network for at home PE. Weekly Physical Activity Log and Parent Letter.

www.gonoodle.com for at home PE.

darebee.com for at home PE. 

https://openphysed.org/activeschools/activehome     for at home PE and this is the website for the 2 week log sheets and parent letters.