Peyton Larsen

Peyton Larsen
Peyton Larsen
School Counselor

Kimberly Elementary School Counseling Program

Peyton Larsen, B.S.

School Counselor – KES

(208) 423-4170 Ext. 3030

Hello, I am Peyton Larsen, the school counselor at Kimberly Elementary School. I am available to help you and your child have a successful school year. As the school counselor, I will work with parents and students in numerous ways. I am here to help your children learn and develop to their highest potential.  

I am currently a graduate student at Northwest Nazarene University. I have completed the majority of my coursework and am now accruing hours towards my state licensure. While I am completing these hours, I am being supervised under Chellee Hilverda: (208) 423-4170; 

A child may come to see the school counselor for help with:

  • Being a new student
  • Peer relationships
  • Social issues
  • Problem solving
  • Coping with divorce or death
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Study skills/organization
  • Other concerns

What will your child do in counseling?

The counselor will work to get to know your child. They will work to build a trusting relationship while also guiding the child to set goals for growth. The child will meet one-on-one with the counselor or join other students with similar concerns in a group. The school counselor will also work with the classroom teachers to avoid disruption to your child’s learning. 

Parental Permission: 

The counselor may visit your child one or two times at the child’s request, but after that, parental permission is required for continued school counseling services. 

A critical part of the counseling relationship is establishing and maintaining a trusting and confidential relationship between the counselor and the student.  

Agreeing to counselor requires honoring the counselor/student privilege of confidentiality and knowing that the counselor will always encourage a strong line of communication between the student and their parent(s), teacher(s), and other stakeholders in the student’s life. The core focus of any interaction between counselor and student is aimed at the student's best interests.  

The student should understand that all counseling sessions will remain confidential except when certain legal restrictions arise, and confidentiality cannot be maintained. These instances include: any form of child abuse (neglect, physical, and/or sexual), danger to one’s life (i.e. suicide), and danger to others (homicide, threat to injure someone, etc.). 

As I am still being supervised, I will consult with my supervisor to make sure I am providing your student with the best possible care.  


Peyton Larsen, B.S.