Shayla Tolman

Shayla Tolman
Shayla Tolman

My name Shayla Tolman, and I'm the computer teacher at Kimberly Elementary. This is my 4th year teaching computers and my 9th year here at Kimberly Elementary.

I am excited for this year and the new opportunities it will bring.

Computers are being used more in our daily lives, especially as platforms are being used for classroom assignments. In my class students will learn mouse control, where the keys are on the keyboard, how to type properly, and to navigate through programs and platforms. The lessons vary upon grade level and the knowledge and skills of using a computer.

I can also be reached at (208)-423-4170 ex. 3008 or by email at I will responded to emails anytime I receive them.

Grading Rubric for Specials


Always enthusiastic toward activities


Selective enthusiasm toward activities


Apathetic toward most activities


Apathetic towards all activities



Independently demonstrates an advanced understanding that exceeds grade-level standards working in depth at a higher-level


Independently demonstrates a complete and consistent understanding while applying grade-level standardsDemonstrates an inconsistent understanding of grade-level standards requiring some supportDemonstrates little understanding of grade-level standards requiring frequent support

Highly motivated to complete tasks above and beyond required expectations


Completes tasks according to expectationsDemonstrates an inconsistent motivation to complete tasks when challengedDemonstrates little motivation to complete tasks