Policy 3112 - Student Immunization

In accordance with the Idaho Code, Section 39-4801, the Kimberly School District #414 will hereby support enforcement of the immunization law by complying with this policy. Within sixty (60) days after admission, the parent or guardian of any child attending kindergarten through the fifth grade shall provide school authorities with a statement regarding the child's immunization to certain childhood diseases. Exemptions to this requirement, as stated in the law, must be submitted to school officials (see KSD 3112P) for medical, religious, or personal reasons and signed by the parent/guardian or licensed physician. In the event that no statement is submitted to the school authority within the sixty (60) day limit, the school nurse shall contact the parent / guardian to secure such Statement. If the parent/guardian refuses to cooperate by providing the required information, the child may be suspended and referred to the school board for expulsion – until the requirements are met through compliance or exemption.

Legal References:
Idaho Code, Sections 39-4801 and 39-4802
IDAPA, 16.02.15100

Adopted: April 8, 2003