The Kimberly School District Board of Trustees recognizes that some of its patrons may want to enroll their children in a school that is located within a district boundary that is other than where their primary residence is located; therefore, this policy is adopted to allow all in district patrons to choose among this District’s schools under specific conditions.  In making a decision on a student’s enrollment application, the board of trustees shall consider the needs of the student requesting the transfer as well as other students affected by the transfer.  

Parents or guardians of a student accepted under this enrollment policy will be responsible for transporting the accepted student.  If bus space is available, then the students accepted under the enrollment policy may be transported from an appropriate, established bus stop within the district boundaries. 

A transfer request application must be submitted annually for admission to a specific school.  Applications will be accepted anytime throughout the school year, although the general period for accepting applications will be before the 1st Monday in March of each year for enrollment in the subsequent school year.  The application acceptance period may be waived with the mutual agreement of the principals from both schools.  Students who reside in the district and move out of their school attendance zone during the school year must complete an out of district application if moving out of the district or an in district transfer application if moving within the district but outside of their school attendance zone to stay in their school. Children of employees will be placed at a school based on considerations that best meet the needs of the district and employee and will stay at the school originally placed unless extenuating circumstances exist.

  1. Limited Opening – Applications will normally be considered on a “first-come first –served basis.  However, in situations where opening are limited, the principal may give priority if a student:
    • was previously enrolled at the requested school or in another school in the district in a prior year;
    • has a sibling enrolled at the requested school or another school in the district;
    • has a parent employed by the District; or
    • has a unique situation or extraordinary circumstances.
  2. Factors which may cause a transfer request application to be denied include:
    • a school, grade, or program(s) has a lack of available classroom space and/or staff;
    • a school does not provide the program the student qualifies for; 
      the curre
      Name of School Grades Maximum Capacity
      Kimberly Elementary P-5 525 students
      Stricker Elementary K-5 525 students
      Kimberly Middle School 6-8 400 students
      Kimberly High School 9-12 475 students
      Ratios Grades Maximum
      School Grades K-3 23-1
      School Grades 4-5 26-1
      School Grades 6-8 120 students per teacher per day
      School Grades 9-12 120 students per teacher per day

      Students beyond the maximum program size as listed below:*

      *Special Education

      Pre-School 15 students (per class)
      Elementary 15 students (per teacher)
      Middle School 15 students (per teacher)
      High School 15 students (per teacher)
      Extended 6 students (per teacher)
    • the student has a history of documented disciplinary infractions; or 
    • the student has a record of continuous discipline problems or has exhibited chronic attendance problems;
    • the student is not making academic progress;
    • it is determined that information on the transfer request application has been misrepresented or was incomplete.
  3. The transfer request application must be submitted to a principal from either the home school or the school to which the transfer is be requested.  Both principals must recommend approval of the transfer by signing transfer request application.


  1. When the application is submitted during the transfer request time period (no later than the 1st Monday in March) the principal will notify the parent/guardian of his/her decision prior to the start of the next school year.
  2. When the application is submitted outside the transfer request time period, notification will be made within 60 days after an application is accepted or prior to the start of the next school year. 
  3. A letter approving the request will inform the parent of the following:
    • Parents must provide transportation or get student to nearest district bus stop, if space is available;
    • State law requires reapplication on an annual basis; 
    • Inappropriate behavior in violation of district or school policies may be grounds for revocation of the transfer; and
    • Special Education, English Language Learners (ELL) must meet the requirements and the procedures established for those programs.

Legal Reference:
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Policy History:
Approved On: February 20, 2018