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Jennifer Howell
Jennifer Howell

Be a Love Bug! Mrs. Howell tells a story about how to keep a little harmony in your home:                   

STRICKER BULLDOG PRIDE SONG - Youtube Sing along Video:

Avery Beard and Payton Pond singing the Stricker Bulldog Pride song:


5TH GRADE: After playing each song, JUST ARROW BACK to get to the next song. Don't exit out of the song or you will have to get back into the website. You could also have two tabs opened for the website for easy access just in case you forget to arrow back.

1. Rocky Mountain - Sing along video:   

        Sheet Music:

2. Leaving On a Jet Plane - Sing along:   


3. Aloha 'Oe - Sing along:     


4. Lava - Sing-along:    Video Sing-along:

     Lava Chords:

5. Pupu Hinuhinu -sing-along and choreography: - (Girls only sit on floor with seashells)

6. The Hukilau - hula dance -

7. Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride - choreography (I just noticed that I don't stop the recording, so it goes on for 13 minutes of me sighing :). Make sure to pause it at 3:28. 

8. Leavin' On to Middle School: 



Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride:

Best Day of My Life: (Strum the chord once and then tap their ukulele 3 times and repeat for each chord.) They should remember what to do.

Three Little Birds: (strum down with thumb, up with thumb nail - down, up, down, up...)

  2. Video - "Hawaii for Kids"

You are My Sunshine /sites/default/files/users/338/You%20Are%20My%20Sunshine.jpg


Teach lesson from yellow book, pg. 132, CD 4, track #45. Refer to BIG BOOK on easel. Go over Cultural Connection on pg. 132. Sing through song a couple of times, then allow them to use two rhythm sticks each with the song. Tell them to sit on the floor, and when you give them the rhythm sticks, show them and tell them to "keep them at rest" by putting them on their shoulder. I also say, "if you play before I say, I take your instruments away". When the song starts, have them tap a two beat pattern back and forth on the floor with their sticks.

Before they put their rhythm sticks away, have them use them with the video "B-I-N-G-O": They will hit the floor with the rhythm sticks only on the missing words.

Put away rhythm sticks, then watch the following videos:

Then let them dance along with the dancing disco dog on youtube:

Then tell them to sit quietly as they watch the puppy video:


Tell 4th graders that they won't be practicing Garbage Can Band today. Tell them to get out their recorders and recorder music - they will also need "Ode to Joy". Have them follow along to the CD (STOMP The School Yard) the best that they can. The first 8 songs are recorder songs. After they are done playing, have them clean their recorders and put them back in their box. Then have them sing "Ode to Joy" track #9. The song plays through 2 times. There is a soloist that sings it through the first time, then the rest of them join in with her the second time through.

After they are done singing, let them watch "Tarzan - Trashing the Camp":


2. Level 2



When 2nd graders first come in, play the video, Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O. They already know this song and can dance along to it if they would like:

Pizza Pizza Daddy-O:

Then have them get out books to share with a partner, dismissing a few at a time. Teach the "Miss Mary Mack" lesson from the blue book, pg. 42, blue CD 1 track #38. Have them sing through a couple of times before teaching them the hand-clapping actions. Directions are on pg. 43 under "Game Time". As you explain the actions slowly, have them practice with an "air friend" before finding a partner and practicing with them. Remind them to always start with their right hand.



One, Two, Buckle my Shoe: (yellow (E), red (C), dark green (G), lightt green (E), pink (F)


Review the lesson "Alle meine Entchen (All My Little Ducklings)" from the purple book, pg. 98, CD 3 track #7. I taught this lesson on Tuesday, so this is just a review. Tell them that they need to sit in their chairs and only sing the first time through. Then play it again and let them waddle like a duck to the middle of the carpet and do the actions if they want. If you know how to pronounce German words, you can go over those if you want. The words I'm teaching them are on the pink sticky note in the book. I have only taught them "hello" and "good-bye" so far.

Then after teaching the lesson, let the children watch "The Ugly Duckling": (It's about 8 1/2 minutes long).

Walk back the last 1st grade class back to their classrooms.


2nd and 3rd Grade:

Roller Coaster Ride:


Tarzan - Trashin' the Camp:

Aladin - Prince Ali:

Wellerman - Nathan Evans:

Kindergarten and 1st Grade:

Roller Coaster Ride:

Tarzan - Trashin' the Camp:

Toy Story Freeze Dance:

Aladin - Prince Ali:

Wellerman - Count Down Kids:

Musical Mansion: