Megan Beckman

Megan Beckman
Megan Beckman
1st Grade

WELCOME to our Class!!

A little about your child’s first grade teacher. I was born and raised on a pygmy goat farm here in Kimberly, ID. I graduated from Kimberly high school in ’09 and graduated from college in Billings, MT in ’14. This is my 10th year teaching first grade. I have taught one year in MT, three years in ND, and now six years at Stricker Elementary. I am a super energetic and hands on crafty teacher. Your child will be a part of hatching chicks, hatching prey mantis, growing flowers, making volcanoes and so much more. I try to make sure our class is moving every 15 minutes and never sitting for very long. I coordinate the Stronger girls and Brave boys running clubs. Last fall I married my amazing husband and I have 3 wonderful step kiddos. We have a small farm with one potbelly pig, 1 mini horse, 9 barn cats, 4 goats, and 20ish chickens. I also have a corgi named Ranger, a wired hair Griffondor named Freya and a Great Dane named Odin. Odin may be visiting our class every now and then for I am getting him trained to be a therapy dog and he is over halfway through his training. I am very outdoorsy and enjoy being in the mountains or out fishing as much as I can. I LOVE teaching! My goal is to have our class love being at school, to push themselves, to feel great about themselves, and be great citizens in our community. Last year I was inspired by Perrine Man Press and their moto “MADE for MORE”. I believe every person should know they are made for amazing things in their life, believe in themselves, and love who they are. You will hear this from me, our class, and see stickers of this saying on their homework binders.

I look forward to our 2023-2024 school year together!!

Our Schedule

First recess 9:45-10:00


Last recess 1:15-1:30

All holiday parties will be from 12:00-1:00pm

Specials Schedule


Art 2:00-2:30

PE 2:30-3:00


Music 2:00-2:30

Computers 2:30-3:00


Art 2:00-2:30

PE 2:30-3:00


Library 2:00-2:30

Music 2:30-3:00

Early release on Fridays at 1:20pm