Federal Programs

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ELL & Migrant
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Migrant Liaison

Federal Programs

Title 1 – At Risk Students 

Title IA: These funds help students who are most at risk meet state academic standards and be proficient on state assessments. KSD uses the funds for teachers, para-pros, summer school, parent involvement, and some supplies. Kimberly Elementary and Stricker are both Title Schools  The percentage of students on Free and Reduced Lunch in each school (September 2022) is as follows: 

Kimberly Elementary

Stricker Elementary 

Kimberly Middle School  

Kimberly High School 

What do Title I programs offer? 

  • Special instructional spaces 
  • Additional teachers and paraprofessionals  

  • Opportunities for professional development for school staff 

  • Extra time for teaching Title I students the skills needed to be successful 

  • An individualized program for students 

  • Additional teaching materials which supplement a student’s regular instruction 


Title 1C -Migrant Education Program supports educational programs for migratory children to reduce the impact of academic disruptions from repeated moves so that each child receives the same opportunity to meet academic content standards and can overcome barriers to transition successfully into postsecondary education and employment. 

Title II – Professional Development 

Title IIA: Funds to ensure that teachers are certified by the State of Idaho definition. In the past, KSD has uses these funds for instructional coaches, stipends, and professional development. 

McKinney-Vento Act 

Families under the McKinney-Vento Act are in transition due to life experiences and lacking a FIXED, REGULAR, ADEQUATE residence. 
The KSD reduces barriers by providing a safe and stable school environment.  We can assist with: 

  • Immediate enrollment 

  • Free lunch 

  • School supplies/fees 

  • Transportation 

  • Tutoring 

  • Hygiene supplies, clothing, shoes, and coats 

  • Referrals to community agencies for other identified needs besides housing issues.  

Twice a year parents are asked to fill out the Student Residency Questionnaire to help identify families that might qualify for assistance through the McKinney-Vento Act. If you have questions about this program or if you need assistance, please contact the Homeless Coordinator, Matt Schvaneveldt at (208) 423-4170 ext. 3325