Professional Development

District Wide Arc of Professional Development 2018-2019



District Provided Professional Development

  • Excellence in Education Conference:  July 24th & 25th or October 3rd & 4th
    • Elementary schools focus on standards, curriculum, and assessment with a focus on writing
    • Middle school focus on assessment literacy and data-driven instruction
    • High school focus on advisory and writing across the disciplines
  • Early Release Professional Development   
    • Kimberly School district has one early release a month that is intended to be used for Professional Development and Collaborations.  Most of these sessions focus on building-specific goals and initiatives.  Two of these sessions are set aside for district-wide safety and initiatives. 
  • Taking Care of Our Teachers Day- January 20th
  • Microsoft Imagine Academy
  • Canvas Training
  • Microsoft Educator Community
  • Specific Optional Programs listed below

Encouraged & Supported External Professional Development

Supporting Teacher and Staff Wellness and Personal Growth

The Kimberly School District values its employees and strives to provide opportunities that support personal wellness. We also seek to create environments that make coming to work a joyful, meaningful experience.

​School-Wide Professional Development

Elementary School

Focus on standards, curriculum, instruction & Assessment

Middle School School & High School

  • 1:1 Instruction, using the HACK model

District Leadership

  • Book Study- Big Potential

Kimberly Core Teacher Team

The Kimberly Core Teacher Team is a group of teachers that is committed to professional growth.  These teachers participate in long-term professional development in which they develop their craft through reflection, study, application, and leadership.





Some of our teachers work a parallel program with the State Department of Education, The Idaho Coaching Network

Kimberly Differentiation Specialist Team

The Kimberly Differentiation Team is a group of teachers that is committed to professional growth.  Though this program is different from the Kimberly Core Teacher Team, the two programs work in harmony.  

District Resources for Teachers

Credit Reimbursement Form

Idaho In-service Verification of Completion

Differentiation Resources for Teachers
Professional Development Archives

External Resources for Teachers

The Teaching Channel
Curriculum and Assessment Department Board Report 2016-2017