Up and Running: KHS Speech & Debate Team Kicks off New Year

The KHS speech and debate poses for a picture. | Submitted photo

This year's speech and debate team started off bigger and better than ever before. The club has grown to almost double the amount from the 2022-23 season. This year’s novice members are growing and learning a whole new world of speech and debate. They have been learning new debate styles like Lincoln-Douglas and PF. Many novices are even going to compete on Oct. 14, in debate and are hoping to dominate the competition.  

When Ms. Klahman (the speech and debate head coach) was asked the question of how the novices were doing this year she stated, “I'm impressed. Normally we scare away a couple of kids who don’t realize exactly what they are getting into, and this year they all decided to stay.”

The prospects are looking better and better with the new dedication and excitement that is being passed around. We are excited to get the year going and to see exactly what everyone wants to participate in.  

Speech and debate has an event for everyone. Many new people this year are interested in comedy speeches while others feel a more serious rigorous debate is up their alley. No matter what they pick, this year will be good for the team.

Part of why this team is so successful is the atmosphere. Everyone is like a family and is very encouraging and upbeat. There is always laughter surrounding the room, and there is plenty of support and help when needed.  

Coach Klahman said, “It is super fun, engaging, and high energy, which is good for a debate team.”  

Speech and debate has become a highly successful part of our school. Many have placed at state and went to nationals. The biggest winner in the last few years has been congress, which is a form of debate. But the team is still very accomplished in speech. One thing that many can pinpoint as a reason for their success is the debate coach. Ms. Klahman is in her third year of being a coach and loves to see the kids grow and learn to be more confident.