Grind Time: KHS Girls Basketball Teams Prepare for Season

Emily Hanchey looks to pass the ball to Macy Dille during a game last season. | Photo by Emma Petersen

Fall sports are saying goodbye while winter sports are greeting Kimberly High School with a roar. Or, better yet, a growl. For some students, it’s their favorite season of the year; basketball season. The basketball program has started strong with open gyms and upcoming tryouts. It is thought that the girls basketball program has a good chance of making it to state this year, which would be the first since 2020. From experienced, hardworking, talented upperclassmen, to the fresh, new talent of the underclassmen, our girls basketball program should be stacked.  

When asked how she thinks the teams will turn out this year, senior Emily Hanchey said, “I think we’ll be really good, especially with all the good freshmen that came in.” 

She mentioned the loss of height from last year but didn’t find time to worry about it with the confidence of “lots of speed” to make up for it. 

“We have a lot of athletic girls this year so every team from C-Team to varsity should be really good,” Emily said.  

Four-year high school athletes aren't the only students buzzing with excitement about the season. Freshman Joy Hanchey is also extremely looking forward to her first high school sports season. 

She says that she thinks “all the teams are going to be good” and that they “have a good chance at state.” 

Along with her excitement, nervousness also has a role in Joy’s mind, and she speaks on behalf of all freshmen, and even other underclassmen, when she says that she's nervous for “playing with upperclassmen, if I were to make JV, and the competition being harder.” 

If that’s the most of students' concerns, then Kimberly shouldn’t have anything to worry about at all. 

This senior/freshman sister duo is readying up for the upcoming season along with the rest of the basketball athletes. Excitement, nervousness, and talent are flooding the halls of Kimberly High School as students prepare for another sports season to begin. Winter sports are going to be exhilarating this year, and talent will be boiling over the brim while the temperatures are freezing outdoors. 

If you or someone you know likes basketball, bring them to any local game and support the Kimberly Lady Dawgs in their season. You won't be disappointed. Go Bulldogs!