Happy Trails: Mr. Henry Says Goodbye After 33 Years

Mr. Henry | Staff Photo

Mr. Henry is retiring! He has been teaching for 33 years and is finally graduating from high school! Mr. Henry plans to go fishing and to build a new house for his wife — and another one for his chickens. He does not plan to come back to school. But he does plan to get a job after retiring, just not as big of a job that requires a ton of work.  

Mr. Henry’s favorite things to do in his free time include snowmobile, ride his bike, go camping, go to Florida, and, of course, do algebra. Mr. Henry LOVES cheeseburgers. He likes to go out on hot days and to be out in his yard flipping some cheeseburgers on the grill. And with his news house he can grill on his brand-new patio.  

Here are some fun facts about Mr. Henry: His favorite holiday is Christmas because he loves to spend this with his loved ones. And, of course, His favorite drink is Dr.Pepper. He’s keeping up with all the trends and is always dressed his best. 

Drop on by to Mr. Henry’s room 154. Bring him Dr. Pepper and talk nature or math before he retires. 

Mr. Henry was asked why he was retiring, and he said because his son is graduating. Mr. Henry has a couple of kids, but they have already graduated. So, his last kid is finally leaving As Mr. Henry said, “I'm finally graduating!”  

We all love Mr. Henry and it's very sad he is leaving. Surely he will do some great things and reach whatever goals he sets. We love you Mr. Henry!