KHS Announces Second Quarter Award Winners

Second quarter award winners. | Photo by Mr. Gonzales

Congratulations to all Kimberly High School students who won academic, behavior, and attendance awards for the second quarter.

On Tuesday, Jan. 31, KHS announced the recipients based on three categories: Perfect attendance, no behavior logs, and a 3.5 GPA or higher. The names of all students who qualified were put into a drawing and winners received various prizes that included gift certificates to local restaurants, T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, $25 Amazon gift cards, and $50 Visa gift cards.

The following students' names were drawn from amongst many students who qualified.

Our perfect attendance winners (with no Fs on the report card) were Brayln Carter, Peyton Robinson, Logan Schuster, Talan Volkel, Jorge Arevalo, Ashlynne Campbell, Maddie Morgensen, Ian Maclean, Kaylee Allen, Parker Davis, Larissa Herrera, Braegan Prudent, Samuel Whitehead, Katelyn Lane, Breah Dansie, Owen Butler, Drake Broadhag, Josh Satterfield, Jassminn Lierman, Caitlin Garner, and Spencer Yadon.

Our winners for the students with no behavior logs (and no Fs) were Isabel Heiner, Sam Ward, Lillie Ross, Harrison Vanderkooi, Abrahm Walker, Evan Gearheart, Ryker Larson, Madison Marriot, Skyler Funk, Clara Anderson, Gunnar Stringham, Kade Bryant, Olivia Madison, Kalynn Benson, Jaycee Lund, Mallory Otto, Isabella Burnett, Stephanie Garcia-Orozco, Chet Maki, Jacob Talbot, and Abby Johnson.

Those with a 3.5 GPA or higher (and no Ds or Fs) were Branson Butler, Zane Landers, Hudson Flameling, Presly Stanger, Chase Tilton, Micah Robertson, Sam Ward, David Howell, Megan Movius, Parker Sessions, Dillon Derricot, Parker Stringham, Peyton Robinson, Isabel Heiner, Ava Wyatt, Jonathan Higbee, Kaylee Walker, Payton Willie, Karson Wright, Cashlin Volkel, and Brandon Coombs.