KHS Celebrates Halloween with Style

Mrs. Crockett (Bubbles), Miss Klahman (Blossom), and Mr. Bedke (Buttercup) pose as the Powerpuff Girls on Halloween. | Photo by Paizlee Goff

As the autumn season settled in, the Halloween spirit took over Kimberly High School. The halls were flooding with costumes and creativity. Students and staff embraced the spooky season. Now, let's get into the activities that made our school a Halloween-filled place. 

On Monday October 30, 2023. Our high school had a pumpkin carving day. Students from every grade formed in the commons to join in. There were many cool creative pumpkins being carved, from the basic and spooky, to the funny and silly. In the background, the film “A Nightmare Before Christmas” played so the students could watch while carving their pumpkins, or if they finished early. 

On Tuesday October 31, 2023, the high school had a dress up day. The school was covered in students dressed up in costumes of every kind. Even the teachers joined in. Mr. Bedke, Miss Klahman, and Mrs. Crockett all joined together and dressed up as the Powerpuff Girls. 

In the inspirational words of Mr. Bedke (aka Buttercup), he thought his costume was “great." As for Mrs. Crockett (aka Bubbles), she believed that the costumes turned out good, but were “slightly out of date” for students to recognize easily. And in the words of Mrs. Klahman (aka Blossom), “Girl gang, girl gang, girl gang. Post up.” 

As the week continued, there were more activities. Kimberly High School is now saying goodbye to spooky season and hello to the season of giving!