KHS Students Work Toward Prestigious FFA State Degrees

FFA Beyond The Horizon

Kimberly FFA has a big event coming up, the Idaho State Leadership Convention. Twin falls has the honor of hosting this large event once again at CSI. This is a huge part of the Kimberly FFA year, since the whole state of Idaho gets together to learn about leadership and the importance of FFA. There are different workshops, sessions, and competitions, and they all fill up the first week of April.  

“My favorite part of SLC is meeting new people and getting out of school,” stated junior Avery Shewmaker.  

Not only are there events and learning opportunities, but it is also the place where upperclassmen are rewarded for their hard work and dedication. State degrees are a sign that FFA members have put in the needed amount of time, money, and information in their record books to receive this award. This award isn’t for everyone, it is meant to highlight those who have put in this specific amount of dedication. 

Brooke Koehn, a senior at Kimberly and the chapter Sentinel, said “I’m excited to be able to get rewarded for my hard work and hitting the next point in my FFA career”  

“The most difficult part was catching up and putting things in my record book that I didn’t even know existed,” Shewmaker said. “It was very stressful, but totally worth it.” 

These recipients are rewarded with a gold chain and FFA emblem that hangs from their jackets. They are also given a cord to wear at their graduation. It is a clear representation of their hard work and encourages other members to get this chain as well.