Kimberly FFA Students Fly High at County Fair

Freshman Ella Blickle receives an award during the 2023 Twin Falls County Fair FFA competition. | Photo by Ruby Blickle

The Twin Falls County Fair started on August 30, and was a week-long event full of rides, food, and animals. Kimberly’s FFA chapter had many members involved during the week and all were busy getting their animals ready for show day. The livestock shows started Wednesday and lasted until the market sale on Monday. Members spent their days washing, feeding, prepping and showing, hoping to bring home a buckle and a ribbon with their projects they worked on all summer.  

“I was the Grand Champion for FFA market hog, Grand Champion junior FFA showman, and the Overall Grand Champion FFA showman,” freshman Ella Blickle said. “My favorite part about fair was getting to hang out with my friends and learning new things.”

Not only were there students working in the livestock barns, but there were also a number showing welding and metal projects. Many of the projects entered by our chapter were made in our shop here at the school. The members who entered these projects also went through an interviewing process where they were questioned about the products and tools they used, and how much time and effort were put into their project. For these projects, there were many prizes, which included cash prizes, tools, welding hoods, gift cards, and scholarships.  

“I think a fair project is important because you get to see what you can do and what others can do, and you get a little bit of a competition in it as well” said senior Ryker Moses, the FFA chapter Junior Advisor. “I like how many people had entered different projects and how many different events there are.”

A huge part of the FFA members' success has to be attributed to the advisors, Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Porath, and Miss Oman. They were there the whole week, helping in each of the livestock barns. They could be found talking to students, helping in the ring, or getting mini donuts. But look out for Mr. Porath, because the annual “Catch Mr. P” photo contest was in full effect. Since he tends to be hard to find, whoever has the most photos of Mr. Porath by the end of the week wins!

“We had 35 FFA members representing Kimberly FFA at the fair, and we had champion showmen in the goat, pig, dairy goat show, and a reserve champion showman in the lamb show,” Mr. Maxwell said. “We also had the grand champion market pig, a third overall market steer, and students in the horse and poultry barn.

“My favorite part of fair this year would have to be watching Ruby Blickle win Grand Champion goat showman because it was something new and something out of her comfort zone. I love seeing students push and challenge themselves. Another highlight of fair for me would be on the first day of fair, Gabe Kriek was recognized as the top hand in the swine barn for his efforts helping others and keeping the barn clean and tidy, and seeing him go above and beyond helping others.”

At the end of the fair week, students sold their animals in the market sale to businesses and community members. The members went out and talked to these buyers prior to the fair and invited them to support everyone involved in the sale. Once the dust settled, not only were there awards won, but there were many memories made and new things learned.