New Religious Club Welcomes All at KHS

KHS Jesus Saves Club

Within the last few years, there has been an increase in the interest of sharing Christianity with the students at Kimberly High School. A club at the school, Christians in Action, has become more popular as kids get the opportunity to learn and talk about their personal beliefs in Jesus Christ. A new development this year, however, has been a group started by senior Zayien Ford called Jesus Saves.   

Zayien Ford says, “I’m starting the Jesus Saves group for high schoolers to come and fellowship together while exploring the books of the Bible.” 

Jesus Saves is a group that invites all to come and read the bible. They usually meet on Tuesdays as often as they can. It has been a unique process seeing so many kids get interested in spending time talking about religion outside of school or basic religious meeting times. 

This Bible group is all-inclusive. Often when people go, there are many different religions, and even versions of the Bible, but none of that matters to the members as they just want to be together to talk about their beliefs. One thing that helps the group be all-inclusive and not religion-specific is that everyone gets to do their own study and read the chapter of that day however they want and then everyone gets to come together to talk about what stood out to them personally. 

Jesus Saves has met in multiple places. They met for a time at Coram Deo Coffee, which is a Christian coffee and lunch place. After a while, the members and students became willing to host the meetings in their own homes. While the location is not always set, the purpose and motivation to study the Bible is consistent for these members.  

Zayien welcomes all by saying, “No matter if you’re new or an existing believer, anyone and everyone is welcome.” 

The group is constantly hoping for new people to come and check out the safe place they have created for anyone who wants to read and study their beliefs. This group has created an environment to feel comfortable talking about whatever they are feeling and welcomes anyone who may be interested in trying something new.