New Staff Members Join KHS


The 22-23 school year is starting to get back into the groove of things. As everyone is adjusting to the new school year there are a few unfamiliar faces on the administrative side. This year we have gained at least six new staff members. Mr. Garey, Mrs. Vera, Mr. Dong, Mr. Myers, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Murillo, and Mr. Bedke. They are all new additions to the staff this year.  

Mr. Bedke has previously taught for four years at Minico high school. This 22-23 school year will be his fifth-year teaching. Some of Mr. Bedke's favorite out of school activities involve the outdoors, including activities like snowboarding and fishing.  

When asked why he decided to be a part of the Kimberly High School teaching staff, he replied, “I wanted a change in my life, and I heard from others that Kimberly had a great environment!” 

Along with him, Mr. Dong is the athletic director along with a physical education teacher. This will be the fifteenth year of his career; He started his career at Filer School District. Mr. Dong's favorite out of school activity is to spend time with his amazing family! 

Mr. Dong was also asked why he decided to be a part of Kimberly high school and he said, “Well the position I wanted was open. I wanted to be a part of the Kimberly community and being in Filer with the reputation Kimberly had.” 

He was also asked another question. What is he most excited about this school year? Mr. Dong responded, “I am excited about being a part of the Kimberly community!” 

This school year creates new beginnings along with a fresh start for everyone to have a great school year!