Seniors Prepare for Graduation with Upcoming Activities and Events

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Graduation for the Kimberly seniors this year is on its way. These seniors are eager to walk and move forward with their lives. There has been a lot of effort put into these students being able to walk across the stage. The 2024 class will be celebrated and be able to be rewarded for the many years they have gone through school. However, while graduation will be an exciting event for these seniors, there are other events that week that will be memorable as well.  

Monday the seniors get to symbolize the end of the year by attending a senior sunset. At the beginning of the year, they attended a senior sunrise, so it is only fitting to close with the sunset. On Tuesday, the seniors will have a senior dinner hosted for them where they can visit and spend time with their friends where after they will be able to be in a parade for people of the community to come and see the graduates one last time before graduation.  

On Wednesday, the students will go to Lagoon as a senior class. If students have paid their dues, they will get to leave early Wednesday morning and spend the day in lagoon with their friends. Attended with chaperones these seniors will spend the day riding rides and having pure fun.  

Senior Lilli Walters, said, “I am excited to be attending Lagoon because I have never been there before, and I will get to be there with my friends.”  

Then, Thursday, May 23 is the big day. Starting in the morning, the seniors will walk through all the schools in their caps and gowns and practice for the ceremony. That evening the seniors will be walking and moving their tassels moving on from high school forever.  

Lastly, the senior overnighter will be held the evening after graduation. The overnighter gives the students one last hurrah with their classmates and provides opportunities for the students to celebrate. The kids will be able to play games and win prizes.  

Mrs. Buckley said, “Big prizes will be raffled at the end of the night, which include a Nintendo Switch, electric Scooter, TV, and Paddleboard. Lots of activities all night at Gemstone like Kareoke, Yoga, card games, etc.” 

The seniors will be greatly celebrated as well as busy the week of graduation. Kimberly is very excited to reward them for their efforts. There will be activities that will be very entertaining and there is something for everyone to enjoy. The seniors will all continue to do great things in their life after graduation, but the school and community wants to give them the farewell they deserve.