Stuck on StuCo: KHS Student Council Ups the Ante

Kimberly's Student Council poses after the opening assembly in August. | Submitted photo

Student Council has had a huge impact on our school participation so far this year. During this school student council has held back-to-school assemblies, a post-game bash, homecoming assembly, powderpuff game and a homecoming dance. All of these events have boosted our school spirit drastically. Our student council wrote up a list of goals at the beginning of the year. The biggest goal was to increase student body participation.

Tarissa Plew, a junior representative in student council, said, “The student participation this year has been better than any other year I have been here. When the students actually put their school spirit into all of the hard work we do as a student council it makes all of our activities/events better.”

This year our homecoming week was different than any other year, especially for the student council. Kimberly’s student council broke into many committees for homecoming week. Those committees included royalty, spirit week, the parade, powderpuff, assembly and the dance committee.

Although student council had a new method of improving homecoming week, most would say they did a great job.

“We were able to work on our parts of the week in more detail making the week more organized and fun,“ junior Eli Sturgill said.

Homecoming is an extremely important week for high school students. Most look forward to that third week of school so they can dress up and show off their school spirit. Homecoming this year was a start to show the commitment of Kimberly’s student council. Student Council is excited to make the rest of the year the best year yet.