TEACHER FEATURE: Mr. Glorfield Brings Shoe Heat to Education

Mr. Glorfield and Mr. Dong show off matching pairs of shoes. | Submitted photo

If you attend Kimberly High School, you most likely know Mr. Glorfield. Teaching Spanish, 11th grade English, and Publications, he gets a well-rounded selection of students to interact with. Most people have a slight idea of his home simple home life. He has a wife and four kids; Sawyer, Kenlie, Leighton, and Otto.

However, his hobby of collecting shoes may be a surprise to some. In 2018, Glorfield spotted a pair of Nike Blazer Off-White “Grim Reapers.” He had to have them. Ever since that buy, his passion for shoe collecting has only grown. Currently, Glorfield owns roughly 100 pairs of shoes. He often purchases and resells as much as he buys for himself. The reselling process is something he has come to be very familiar with over the years.

“Buying and selling is a bit of a tricky process, but I have a system in place,” he stated.

First, he attempts to purchase shoes at retail price as soon as they release. Next, he keeps the shoes until their value increases. Finally, he puts them back on the market and sells.

Glorfield’s favorite pair he owns is a newer one in his collection, the Nike SB Dunk Low “Yuto Horigome.” He says his favorite part of collecting are the students reactions to his shoes.

“Some come in every morning just to see what I am wearing," Glorfield said. "It is a fun way to build relationships with kids and create a relaxing environment.”

So far, Glorfield has not repeated a pair of shoes in roughly 40 days of school.