6th Grade Weekly Update February 21st - February 22nd

Welcome to the KMS 6th Grade Weekly Update! 

We would like to introduce our new Science teacher for the remainder of the year, Mr. Bybee! We are all very excited to welcome him on the team! As the weather starts to warm up here soon and as students run around more, a good reminder is that students' jackets or clothes could get dirty overtime! We would greatly appreciate washing students' jackets and clothes as we start to move into springtime! Thank you everyone! 

-The Sixth-Grade Team 



We are currently progressing through our Expository Writing unit, with a focus on completing the Compare/Contrast Packet in class this week. During these sessions, we will delve into a discussion on the similarities and differences between "The Harlem Renaissance," a nonfiction text, and "Melody's Inspiration," a historical fiction text. 

As a friendly reminder, the end of quarter 3 is approaching swiftly, leaving us with just one month left in this grading period. Should students require assistance with any assignments, I am available after school for additional support. Additionally, I provide assignment comments on Canvas, offering constructive feedback on areas of strength and areas for improvement, for those who wish to revise their work.  

On another note, by this point in the semester, students should be approximately 60% of the way toward achieving their AR goals. It's crucial for students to engage in daily reading during our class sessions and to further foster a reading habit at home for at least ten minutes each night. This simple action can significantly contribute to enhancing academic success across various subjects. I encourage you to motivate your children to spend a few minutes each night with their favorite books! 

Thanks to all! 

Amarae Williams 



This week we'll be dividing fractions and solving real-world problems with ratios. Students can still come in and do test corrections for the chapter 4 test.  Please check your grades! 

Christine Landers 



In PACK this week we are still working on practice ISAT exams. Please have your students come to school with their charged computer and charger.  


Brad Carlson  



Pre Algebra: 

In Pre-Algebra this week, we are finishing chapter 6.  We will review the chapter (which deals with transformations) this week, so that we can take the test next week. 

Jimmie Linn 



If you have any questions about science this week, please email Mr. Bybee below! 

Nathaniel Bybee 




Hey everyone! 

This week, we will finish our Europe maps and turn them in on Wednesday and Thursday! Make sure to have them fully completed. We will then have a discussion on European History and Culture! 

Matt Wirtz 



Parents & Students, hello; I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. This week's lessons focus on structural engineering principles, specifically those designed to combat wind and seismic waves. Vocabulary Quiz for Unit 3, words D-Z will be February 27th and 28th. I encourage students to spend time each night this week studying.  


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 


Jamie Hyatt