Weekly Update 3/13/2023 - 3/17/2023

Welcome to the KMS 6th Grade Weekly Update! 

Quarter 3 ends this upcoming Friday March 17th. Make sure to have all your missing work completed and handed to your teachers before leaving school on Friday! Once Friday is over no work will be accepted by any teachers. Spring Break will go from March 18th to March 26th so there will be no school during that time!  

-The Sixth-Grade Team 



I can’t believe that spring break is almost here! This week in English Language Arts students will be writing their rough draft for a five-paragraph persuasive essay. We have been working on essay ideas, hooks, and thesis statements over the last week and will continue with the body paragraphs and conclusions. 


All grades have been updated. Please have your student check their grade to be sure everything has been inputted correctly. I will be in my classroom every day after school if your student has questions, needs to make something up, or needs help fixing an assignment. Nonfiction AR points are late but will still be accepted through Friday. All other assignments need to be made up by Thursday so that I may get them into the gradebook before we leave for spring break. 

Alisha Giles 




In math this week we are exploring algebra tiles and using them to write algebraic equations. We will have the chapter 6 test after spring break. I'll post the study guide on Canvas over the break so it will be available if any students want to get a jumpstart on reviewing for the test. 

Friday is the last day to turn in missing work or do test corrections for the 3rd quarter. 

Christine Landers 




If you have any questions about PACK, please contact Mrs. Poelzl below! 

Katie Poelzl  



Pre Algebra: 

This week in Pre-Algebra, we will take the Chapter 8 test, which deals with exponent rules and scientific notation. 

Jimmie Linn 




Hey All, 

This week we are wrapping up our unit on ecology. Students will have a short quiz over the material on Tuesday 3.14 for "A day" and Wednesday 3.15 for "B day". We will then be watching the lion king and connecting what we have learned to the film to round out the week. If you have any questions or concerns, I would be happy to answer them. Have a great week! 

Matt Courtney 




Hey everyone! 

We are finishing up our South America discussion this week and are starting our Latitude and Longitude section. Also talk to Mr. Wirtz about any missing assignments that you may have and/or retake the South America Map quiz before the quarter ends! 

Matt Wirtz 




Hello Students and Parents/Guardians! This week we will finish earthquake testing our towers and wrap up our Engineering for the Future Unit. Please make sure all missing assignments are turned in. Students that have not presented their Architecture Research Project need to come in after/before school this week to present.  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me. 

Jamie Hyatt