6th Grade Weekly Update 9/25/2023

Welcome to the KMS 6th Grade Weekly Update! 

Make sure to bring laptops to school charged! We are seeing a lot of laptops with low batteries when they come to school. PAWS will be this Thursday! PAWS is a good behavior program every month where if the students have good behavior each month, they will be able to have 1 hour at the end of the day to participate in fun activities! If you have any more questions, please contact a teacher below! Keep up that good behavior!  

-The Sixth-Grade Team 



In English, we are reading chapters 7-9 of the Watsons Go To Birmingham. Along with each reading, we will complete an entry in the character journal; where students will write a section of the book from a different character's perspective. We will introduce week 5 vocabulary terms and practice using those in a sentence. All of this week's course material is available on Canvas. It's going to be an excellent week in English!   

Amarae Williams 



This week we'll apply what we have learned about area to something called generic rectangles. This is a tool to help us multiply multi-digit numbers. I have also posted a link on Canvas for a homework assignment. The link is for a Blooket activity to give us more practice with basic division. Students should sign into the activity with their actual name so they get credit for completing it. 

Continue to check for missing assignments! I'm available after school to help students get caught up. 

Christine Landers 



We will start off our week in PACK by continuing our grade checks that were implemented last week. If you missed it, grade checks need a guardian signature, so be looking for those on a weekly basis. We will also be learning how to properly email a teacher on M/T. The rest of the week we will be focusing on our new unit, Organization. 

Let make it a great week! 


Katie Poelzl  


Pre Algebra: 

This week in Pre-Algebra, we will be learning how to use variables to create expressions.  We will then learn how to solve one-step equations. 

Jimmie Linn 



This week in Physical Science we will be taking a practice quiz on Qualitative and Quantitative Observations, Comparing and Contrasting Observations and Inferences, and preparing for our Observations and Inferences Quiz next week! 

Last Week: What is a Scientist, Qualitative and Quantitative Observations Notes. 

Jennifer Zentner  



Hey everyone! 

This week we will be working on our ‘How to Read Maps’ Unit in Social Studies. We will be working on starting our first Project on the “Compass Rose” on Wednesday and Thursday! Let me know if you have any questions! 

Matt Wirtz 



Hello Parents & Students/Guardians, this week we will talk about simple machines. Students will design a way to place an elephant into a train car using simple machines during our Solution for the Circus assignment. Students will also spend time building specific machines out of LEGOS starting Wednesday. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. 

Jamie Hyatt