Kimberly Middle School Student Handbook

Kimberly Middle School Student Handbook

Welcome to Kimberly Middle School!  We are thrilled to have you as students this year and look forward to the time we get to spend together.  All our faculty, staff, and administration are here for the same reason: we care deeply about education and the welfare of children. We know that a quality education can open doors for students in the future, and we strive to provide an environment conducive to the highest standards of learning. 

The Student Handbook is designed to provide you information about KMS, including the policies and procedures that govern academic and student life.  You will also find many of the supports provided to students and parents.  I urge you to familiarize yourself with this handbook, as it can be a resource to you as you spend your years with us at KMS. 

My hope is that through your time at Kimberly Middle School, you will learn the skills and strategies needed to move on to high school and throughout life.  I hope you make friendships that will last through the years, that you will take one step closer to the goals you have set for yourself in life, and that you will find middle school to be a productive and rewarding experience.


Reed McCashland


Kimberly Middle School