Weekly Update 2/27- 3/3

Parent teacher conferences this Tues and Wed. 5:00-6:00 is set aside for prearranged conferences, and 6:00-8:00 is for ‘open house’ conferences. No school this Friday!

Earth Science - Kami Michelli kmichelli@kimberly.edu

  • Air Masses and Climate
  • Key Concepts
  • Factors affecting climate
  • Notebook Check Wed. and Thur.
  • Extra Credit: Hadley's Principle - due Friday

U.S. History- Josh Warwick jwarwick@kimberly.edu

  • Important Supreme Court Cases
  • Test Prep- filling out study guide

Spanish- Bethany Walters  bwalters@kimberly.edu

  • Country presentations (Mon/Tues)
  • "Tener" (Wed/Thurs)
  • Duolingo due Friday

Language Arts:  Denise Mumm dmumm@kimberly.edu


  • I will be gone for the next couple weeks, but will be available via email, and I will continue checking papers and inputting grades into Power School
  • Argument Form - evidence, warranting, conclusion
  • Writing up mini-argument
  • Reading books
  • Thursday is the last day to change 2nd genre book if not interested in the one they have chosen
  • Student MUST turn in orange reading graphic organizer to let me know if they change
  • Students are responsible for testing on the book I have written down on Thursday - if they don't tell me, this will become an automatic 0.  If students have fines and can't check a book, they need to pay them or get a book that works for one of the requirements at the public library.  Mrs. Harmon is accepting of students working off fines after school.  They need to visit with her is this is need.
  • 2nd reading genre is due March 30/31

Pre-Algebra:  Stacy Green – sgreen@kimberly.edu


  • Find the rule for a function from a table.
  • Find slope.

Algebra:  Stacy Green – sgreen@kimberly.edu


  • Simplify polynomials by addition and subtraction.
  • Multiplying a polynomial by a monomial

Studio Art:  emeidell@kimberly.edu

Choir: mbelliston@kimberly.edu





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