Electronics/Cell phones

We recognize that parents provide their children with cell phones for safety reasons. Therefore, we understand that students will bring their cellphones/smart watches to school. Students can call parents immediately upon arrival or at dismissal. Other than that, cell phones must remain turned off and stowed away during the school day including breakfast and lunch.

Cell phones/Smartwatches:

  • May not be turned on or used during instructional time, except for instructional or educational purposes with explicit approval of the classroom teacher.
  • May not be turned on or used during lunch or recess.
  • May not be used or turned on in the bathroom
  • May not be used during emergency drills.

Students are not to call, text, or message their family members during the school day. If students need to reach a family member, they can use one of the phones in the main office.

You can help us enforce this policy by not texting your children and calling or answering their calls during the day.

Students may not photograph or take videos of any staff members or other students in and outside of the building with our consent from school personnel.

To maintain a good learning environment, SES may implement the following consequences:

  • Phone/watch rings during class, the student will be reminded of the policy and instructed to turn off the phone.
  • Students seen using their phones/watches at school will have the phone/watch taken away for the remainder of the school day. The teacher who takes the phone, will turn it into the principal, vice principal, or the office.
  • Students with consistent cell phone use during the school day will have to turn their phone into the office each morning and parents will be contacted.