Lunch/Breakfast Program

A well-balanced breakfast and lunch are prepared daily in the Stricker cafeteria. All meals are nutritionally analyzed, and portions are set according to grade level. Fresh fruits and vegetables are included in the menus, and all hot foods are either oven baked or steamed to maintain the maximum amount of nutrients. Lunch menus will be posted monthly on the school website, the menu will be made available monthly on the website. Breakfast is available daily at from 7:50 a.m. -8:15 a.m.

We ask parents to maintain lunch balances to ensure that your child is always able to eat lunch without worry. It is best practice to pay ahead so that account balances are always positive. Account balances can be accessed on PowerSchool. If you wish to pay online there is a link on the school website for parents to be able to pay accounts using their credit or debit cards. Parents/Guardians may apply for free/reduced price meals by filling out the necessary paperwork that is available at the front office or may be accessed online. If you have questions about the lunch program, please feel free to contact Carla Houge at ext. 3341.

If you choose to send your child to school with lunch that you have prepared at home, please note that the school will not be able to heat your child’s lunch, so please plan accordingly.