For the safety of our students, we will not allow students to change their normal transportation plans whether they ride the bus, walk home, or get picked up without a written note. Because teachers are busy teaching sometimes emails and phone messages are not checked before dismissal. Hence, a note from home given to the teacher in the morning is best. The note must be signed by a parent or legal guardian specifically explaining the change. All notes must be verified through the school office prior to the student getting on a bus. Changes in daily routine should be kept to a minimum. If the student is going to ride a bus, these notes must be verified through the office.

Notes given to the bus driver will not be accepted. Because space in the bus is limited, students will not be able to have additional students ride on the bus with them for parties or any other activities that involves more than one guest. If your child is having a party or activity please make arrangements, other than the school bus, to have them transported to the party or activity.

For safety reasons, it is extremely important for all parents and guardians to have the names of all people who are able to pick your child up from school on your child's registration form. Once children are loaded on the bus waiting to depart the school, they must travel to their designated bus stop. Our bus drivers will not be allowed to release any students from the bus without the presence of a SES staff member or approval from the office staff. If the person picking your child up from the bus stop is not on your child's registration form, the bus driver will not release them.

Riding a school bus is a privilege extended to the students by the district. For the safety of all students' proper bus behavior must be observed by all riders. Students must obey bus driver's directions. Failure to comply with bus rules may result in removal from the bus for a limited or permanent period of time.