Curricular Materials Adoption Committee

Per Policy 2313 - The Board  shall establish Curricular Materials Adoption Committees according to State guidelines for the purpose of advising the Board on the selection or removal of curricular materials as defined in Policy 2311 for use within the District. At least half of a Curricular  Committee must be comprised of persons other than public educators and trustees and shall include parents of a child or children attending a school or schools within the District.  All meetings of  Curricular Committees shall be held in open session and be duly noticed.

Curricular Committee recommendations will be made to the Superintendent, with a final decision being made by the Board of Trustees. The function of Curricular Materials Adoption Committees is to ensure that materials are selected in conformance with State law, Grade Level and Content standards and established District goals and objectives.  
For dual credit courses offered through institutions of higher education, the selection, adoption, and removal of curricular materials is handled by the higher education institution. The District has no control over the selection, adoption and removal of curricular materials and it is the responsibility of the parent to have knowledge of and/or review such prior to student enrollment.