When a student’s behavior interferes with his/her learning or the learning of others, is not respectful, responsible, or safe, he/she will have learning opportunities to correct their behavior and learn to make better choices We believe that all students can learn to be respectful, responsible and safe.  

Major infractions are infractions of school rules for which students may be sent home automatically for a period of time. This may include: 

  • Violence, or anything that looks like violence including intentional hitting, pushing, shoving, tripping, or any act that could intentionally lead to injury of another student.  Foul language and threats are considered serious. 
  • Alcohol, drugs, or tobacco or anything that is made to appear like alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. 
  • Weapons or items that are used as weapons. 

Our school response to challenging behavior may include: 

  • Remind, Reteach, Redirect, and Refocus opportunities 
  • Reflective activities 
  • Detention, or suspension 
  • Loss of privileges 
  • Mediation activities 
  • Participation in skill building activities 
  • Other restorative justice practices. 

Reference Policy 3300