Head Lice

Our staff and parents will work to prevent the infestation and spread of head lice by doing the following:

  1. Encouraging students to store Coats, backpacks, and hats in designated areas.
  2. If a student is found to have head lice or nits, he/she will be sent home for treatment and will not be allowed back until re-examined and found free of infestation of lice or nits.
  3. All siblings of the student (in the school) will be checked for infestation. If lice is found, each student having signs of lice will be sent home for treatment. A note will be sent home with the students of that room.
  4. School personnel will informally check all other students in his/her class for infestation.
  5. If many students in the school are infected, a general school-wide check may be held.