1. By law the school must be kept safe for all students.  Some of the activities that are unsafe or detrimental to students' rights that are not allowed are:  fighting or any behavior that looks like fighting, leaving the school grounds during school hours, leaving designated playground areas, throwing hard objects (rocks, snowballs, ice balls, baseballs, dirt clods, sand, gravel, pebbles, woodchips, etc.), running in the building, tackling, wrestling, karate fighting, pushing, ramming, spitting, tripping, kicking, biting, and "sliding--pushing--pulling" on the ice.
  2. The following items must not be brought to school.  If any of these objects are brought to school, the item may be confiscated and returned only to a parent: laser pointers, toy guns, water guns, water balloons, Chinese stars, baseballs, or any other object deemed harmful to the safety of the students.  Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, and scooters are not allowed to be ridden on school grounds at any time.  If these items are used at school, they will be taken to the office and held until the parent can pick them up.  Remote control toys, radios, tape players, CD players, and electronic games should not be brought to school.
  3. The students and staff agree to be courteous at all times.  We do not accept non-courteous actions such as: threats, obscene language or gestures, wearing hats in the building, name calling or insults, cutting in lines, rudeness to teachers or other students, arguing with an adult, booing or whistling in assemblies, or endangering the safety of others or oneself.  Hall passes are to be used whenever a student needs to leave the room during class time and the halls should be kept quiet during learning time. 
  4. The students and staff shall respect the school and the rights of all individuals.  The following behaviors are not acceptable:  dirtying bathrooms, stealing, writing, or marking on furniture and walls, tearing down displays, using another person's property without permission, littering, mutilating or destroying school property, disobeying lunchroom rules, chewing gum other than on a designated classroom gum day, and using paper airplanes, etc. 
  5. The students will act appropriately in the classroom and school buildings, and on the playground.  Accidents can happen very easily, so safe, and appropriate behavior is always required.  Sitting or standing on desks or the back of chairs is not allowed.  Students are not allowed to be in the room without adult supervision.  Playground equipment must be used in a correct and safe manner as determined by the school.  Inappropriate behavior with playground equipment includes but is not limited to: climbing walls-fences-backstops, jumping from swings, swinging in an unsafe manner, throwing balls against any part of the building except the gym wall, slam dunking, and hanging from the basketball hoops.