Policy 4520 - Soliciting and Accepting Grants or Donations

Prior to seeking any grant or donation on behalf of the District or its schools, an applicant must obtain prior approval from the District. Any staff, administrators, school-related groups, or members of the public seeking grants or donations on behalf of the school or for the benefit of the school and/or its students should first discuss such request with the building principal. 

Prior to finalization of any grant or donation associated with the school and/or its students, all requests for grants or donations must be approved by the Superintendent.  Final acceptance of the grant or donation must be approved by the board of trustees.

Approval of a grant or donation requests shall depend on factors including but not limited to availability of existing District resources and the following principles:

  1. Conformance with the District's policies, goals, and objectives;
  2. The District's instructional priorities, strategies, and standards;
  3. Equity in funding;
  4. Conformance to District governance and decision-making procedures of the Board, central office, and building-level staff;
  5. Provision of value or benefit that is greater than the obligation under the grant award;
  6. No violation of management or bargaining unit rights and responsibilities;
  7. Lack of conditions that would divert school or District efforts away from the District's primary mission;
  8. Conditions that obligate the District/School to engage in specific actions or obligations;
  9. Any financial impact upon the District associated with required additions of District/School funds to the grant activity; and
  10. District criteria for accepting gifts.

The Board reserves the right to deny approval of solicitation of any funding or grant application or to refuse acceptance of any funds awarded or donated.                     

Policy History:
Adopted on: April 20, 2016
Revised on: