September 3, 2020



September 3, 2020

                                                                                                                                                                       7:00 PM



Special Meeting Minutes





The meeting was called to order by board chair Mr. Nield at 7:01 PM. The motion was 3-0. Present on the Zoom meeting were also trustees Mr. Melvin, and Mr. Allen. Mr. Higdem and Mr. Giles were not in attendance. Also, in attendance were Mr. Schroeder, Superintendent; Ms. Searby, District Clerk; and Rachel Cluff, School Nurse. 



KSD LEARNING PLAN: Chad Allen moved to approve the recommended additions as discussed with changes in regards to the 14 day exclusion for staff and students , as referenced in letter C/D/E under “Exclusion and Return to School” of the learning plan. Ryan Melvin seconded. The motion carried 3-0. 

  • COVID Assessment Team Color Determination – Remain in Green.  
  • Student Exclusion for Symptoms
  • Student exclusion for exposure to COVID to exclude 14 day exclusion • Staff exclusion for symptoms and exposure (essential worker)



REPORT ON FY21 ENROLLMENT AND ADA: Mr. Schroeder reported a decrease of 255 kids (14%) in membership and overall 17% in ADA. This is not yet counting IDLA students. 


ADJOURNMENT: Chad Allen moved to exit the meeting at 8:35 PM. Ryan Melvin seconded. The motion carried 3-0.







      Mr. Myron Nield, Chairman                               Cassandra Searby, District Clerk