Zone 1

BEGINNING at the intersection of North 3400 East and US Highway 30 (aka Kimberly Road), thence 
East on US Highway 30 to the intersection with 3500 East, thence 
South 0.37 miles on US Highway 30 to the Kimberly City Limits Line, thence 
West approximately 583 feet along the said City Limits Line, thence 
South approximately 680 feet along the said City Limits Line to East 3750 North, thence 
West approximately 74 feet on East 3750 North to Oak Street, thence 
South on Oak Street to Taylor Street West, thence 
East on Taylor Street West to 3500 East (aka Main Street), thence     
South on 3500 East to East 3700 North (aka Center Street), thence 
West on East 3700 North to North 3400 East, thence 
North on North 3400 East to US Highway 30 (aka Kimberly Road) and the POINT OF BEGINNING.