Advertising - KSD Policy 4331

Policy 4331 - Distribution and Posting of Materials

The distribution of materials from outside the school system uses a considerable amount of valuable educational time. This time is taken away from students, teachers, and the clerical staff. It is the District’s policy to limit the distribution of materials to parent and student organizations sponsored by the District or other state educational agencies. 

Non-school related organizations must ask the building principal’s permission (the principal may refer the decision to the Superintendent at his/her discretion):

  1. To display posters in the area reserved for community posters; or
  2. To have flyers or other information distributed to students.

Posters and/or flyers subject to a request must be student oriented, non-commercial and have the sponsoring organization’s name prominently displayed. Permission will be denied to post or distribute any material that would:

  1. Disrupt the educational process;
  2. Violate the rights of others
  3. Invade the privacy of others; 
  4. Infringe on a copyright; or
  5. Be obscene, vulgar or indecent. or is:
  6. Commercial in nature and not benefiting the school.

No commercial publication shall be posted or distributed unless the purpose is to further a school activity, such as graduation, class pictures or class rings. No information endorsing any candidates for non-student elective offices or other Ballot issue(s) shall be posted in the school, or distributed to the students.

If permission is granted to distribute, the organization must arrange to have copies delivered to the school in a manner requested by the school(s). Distribution of the material will be arranged by the administration.

Policy History:
Adopted on: 08/21/2003
Revised on: February 26, 2009

Replaces Policy 3222 Distribution & Posting of Materials