State & National Scholarships​

This page is continously updated as scholarships become available. 

There are numerous scholarships that a student can apply for. Make sure to fill out as many as you are eligible for. You are not going to receive money without filling out an application.  

Idaho Community Foundation Scholarships (updated early 2024)

FAFSA Application Opened Dec. 31, 2023

Due in January (2024) 

Scholarships due in February (2024)

Scholarships due in March (2024) 


FFA Scholarships (due dates vary) 

Hispanic/Latino Scholarships (due dates vary) 

Scholarships due in May 

Other Scholarships (click for due date): 
*Some scholarship links are out of date.  The scholarship may not open until later this year or the spring.  Links will be updated as dates change.  

Due October (2023)

Due November (2023) 

Due December (2023)