Third Grade Critical Areas

  1. Students will understand the meaning of multiplication and division of whole numbers through a variety of strategies with the goal of students recognizing and understanding the relationship between multiplication and division.
  2. Students develop an understanding of fractions with visual faction models to represent parts of a whole while understanding that the size of the fractional part is relative to the size of the whole. Students will use fractions to represent numbers equal to, less than and greater than one (No -, +, x, ÷ of fraction sin 3rd grade).
  3. Students will recognize area as an attribute of two- dimensional regions and measure the area by finding the total number of same sized units with the goal of students connecting area to multiplication.
  4. Students compare and classify shapes by their sides and angles, and connect these with the definitions of shapes. Students also relate fraction work to geometry by expressing the area of part of a shape as a unit fraction of the whole.