Sixth Grade Critical Areas - Mathematics

  1. Ratio and Rate: Students begin to see relationships between multiplication and division and ratios and fractions. They use those understandings to solve problems.
  2. Division of Fractions and Negative Numbers: Students extend their understanding of multiplication and division to make sense of what is happening when we divide fractions. They will also extend the number line to the left and begin to work with negative numbers. They will use that understanding for graphing on a 2-dimensional plane.
  3. Expressions and Equations: Students will begin using Algebra; understanding variables and creating and solving equations. They will understand the relationship of equality in equations and understand what the equations and solutions mean in the context of a given problem.
  4. Statistics: Students begin to work with data and build an understanding of the story that data tells by finding and evaluating the shape and spread of the data, and the different measurements of center.
  5. Bonus-Geometry: Students will build on their understanding of working with 2-dimensional shapes by finding the area of irregular polygons and 3-dimensional shapes finding surface area and volume of prisms and pyramids.