Policy 6000 - Administration Goals

The administrative staff’s primary functions are to manage the District and to facilitate the implementation of a quality educational program. It is the goal of the Board that the administrative organization:

  1. provide for efficient and responsible supervision, implementation, evaluation and improvement of the instructional program, consistent with the policies established by the Board;        
  1. provide effective and responsive communication with staff, students, parents and other citizens; and
  1. foster staff initiative and rapport.

The District's administrative organization shall be designed so that all divisions and departments of the District are part of a single system guided by Board policies which are implemented through the Superintendent. Principals and other administrators are expected to administer their facilities in accordance with Board policy, State and Federal laws and the Superintendent’s rules and procedures. Kimberly School District Goals should be reviewed annually every August.

Policy History
First Reading: January 27, 2004
Adopted on: April 27, 2004