Policy 6141 - Employment Restrictions for Administrative Personnel

Time taken from the regularly assigned work schedule for such paid activities as  consulting, college teaching, lecturing, etc., shall be subject to prior approval by the Superintendent.

The amount of time lost to the District will be deducted from vacation time, granted as additional personal leave as specified by board policy, rescheduled at a non-duty time, or that time prorated to a dollar amount and that amount deducted from the next regularly scheduled pay period. The specificity of how the lost time to the district is accounted for (up to five days) will be discussed and approved by the superintendent. If the time lost will be greater than five days, the Kimberly Board must approve in advance the circumstances and the financial issues.

All employment of administrators, other than with the Kimberly School District, must be discussed and approved by the district prior to the administrator participating in those employment opportunities. Time taken from the regularly assigned work schedule(s) for non-paid activities shall also follow this format. 

Policy History
First Reading:    January 27, 2004
Adopted on:    April 27, 2004